This powerful multi-day workshop created by Soul Regression Therapist and Energy Healer, Stacy Mitchell, to help people heal their ancestral trauma (whether from past lives or the present day) is currently being converted into an on-demand option and will be available soon. Get on the waitlist now to be notified when it is available, simply go to Stacy's contact page and put "ancestral wounds waitlist" in the subject line when sending.

Your Soul Guide

Stacy Mitchell

Soul Regression Therapist/Energy Healer

Stacy Mitchell (she/her) has been a multi-modality energy healer for more than 2 decades. She is certified through the Ravenheart Center as a Soul Regression Therapist in both Past Life and Between Lives Soul Regression. She is thrilled to bring together all of her expertise in these fields into on-demand healing experiences for you. You can see Stacy's full bio and the many services she offers on her main website

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