Empower your authentic soul self through Soul Regression Therapy and Energy Healing - Explore how your past life experiences create karmic patterns and learn how to clear these energetic patterns to live today as your most authentic self through Between Lives Soul Regression with Stacy Mitchell as your guide

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Remember Your Authentic Soul Self
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    1. Greetings, Friend

    2. Prepping Your Parachute

    3. Who Does This Course Serve?

    4. What Is Soul Regression? Part 1

    5. What is Soul Regression? Part 2

    6. States of Consciousness

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    8. Preparing Yourself

    9. Dealing with Difficult Emotions/Experiences

    10. Setting Intentions

    11. Important Notices

    12. The Energetic Patterns

    13. Choosing the Energetic Pattern Right for You

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  • This FREE Introduction Includes
  • More than One Hour of information on how to utilize Soul Regression Therapy
  • The Energetic Patterns and Healing Intentions Worksheet

In the Temple of Healing Light you will be immersed in the light of Universal Source, protected by the Beings of Light, and lead by your certified Soul Regression guide, Stacy Mitchell, to explore how specific energetic patterns from both present and past life experiences are playing out in your current lifetime, and to seek answers to the questions you have around your life experiences from higher beings of light and love that are committed to assisting your soul's development. You will be gently guided throughout the journey, all in the safety and comfort of your own home and within your own Higher Heart. This experience is an opportunity to receive the answers you seek directly from your own personal soul level guides and teachers, as well as Angels and Ascended Masters, and your Higher Soul Self 

within the Temple of Healing 

Your Soul Guide

Stacy Mitchell

Soul Regression Therapist/Energy Healer

Stacy Mitchell (she/her) has been a multi-modality energy healer for more than 2 decades. She is certified through the Ravenheart Center as a Soul Regression Therapist in both Past Life and Between Lives Soul Regression. She is thrilled to bring together all of her expertise in these fields into on-demand healing experiences for you. You can see Stacy's full bio and the many services she offers on her main website www.honoryourvoice.com

What Happens Next?

After completing the free introduction to the course that walks you through what Soul Regression Therapy is and describes the Temple of Healing Light process, you will choose your on-demand healing experience. These are recorded sessions that combine soul regression and energy healing that are approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes in length.

 Each session purchased includes: 

  • two and a half more hours of instructional content to help prepare you for the experience

  • worksheets to assist you in the process (optional)

  •  a 20 minute meditative journey into the Temple of Healing Light

  • the full 1 hour and 40 minute Soul Regression Session for your chosen energetic pattern

    You will be able to choose from several options available - covering many prevalent energetic patterns - and purchase each for just $165.00 or you might decide to go for a bundled set of sessions that are buy 3 get 1 FREE!

FREE with purchase!

for a limited time

Karuna Holy Fire III Reiki Meditation (40 Minutes)

Egyptian Energy Healing (EEH) Session (30 Minutes)

Reiki Crystal Grid Tutorial (12 minutes)

This bonus material will be available to you for 90 days and will help you to prepare for, as well as to integrate, your Temple of Healing Light Soul Regression experience.

Wait...What's Soul Regression?

Soul Regression is a therapeutic technique that has been developed over the past several decades by psychologists and clinical hypnotists like Dr. Michael Newton, Dr. Linda Backman, Dr. Brian Weiss, Robert Schwartz, and Andy Tomlinson, for the purpose of giving individuals the opportunity to explore their current life, their choices and challenges, and their true purpose through the lense of their immortal energetic soul.

This is accomplished by facilitators trained in techniques that encourage a deep state of relaxation known as the Theta State. This is a conscious state which allows the individual to access information and experiences via what is often called ‘non-ordinary reality’. A liminal state between fully awake and fully asleep in which an individual can maintain conscious understanding while their body and mind remains quite relaxed and focused on the inward experience.

Undertaking a soul regression is a powerful way to find the answers to the questions you have always had about your specific life through a direct experience of your own soul. All in a completely safe environment (in this case, your own home!) and without the need to use mind or mood altering substances to achieve.

What's a Temple of Healing Light Soul Regression Session Like?

The Preparation

  • Your soul guide will offer a special invocation

  • Then lead you through a relaxation process to assist your mind and body to access your own intuitive faculties

  • Several healing energies will be included in the entire process of the regression experience

The Past Life Soul Regression

  • Next you are guided through an experiential understanding of a past life that has a direct connection to your life today with the intention of bringing clarity and healing to the energetic pattern specified by the session

  • From there, you will be joined by your Higher Self or Spirit Guide to help you process the past life you just reviewed and heal any energetic influences from that life

The Between Lives Soul Regression

  • your Higher Self or Spirit Guide will escort you to a meeting with your Council of Elders – the group of wise and benevolent soul guides that have willingly and lovingly agreed to be active participants in your soul’s development

  • In this meeting you will be given specific information about your soul through a guided list of questions, and you will be able to ask any questions you have about your current life and how your life planning before your incarnation plays into the experiences you have had and the challenges you have met

  • You will be offered the opportunity to receive a deep healing and cleansing of your soul energy from the members of your Council and/or other Beings of Light who are in service to humanity, or your soul in particular, within the Temple of Healing Light

The Return

  • Your soul guide will gently guide you back into waking reality; awake, aware, and fully conscious of your experience. And able to easily integrate any energy healing you consented to receive for your highest and best good

  • You will be able to easily recall the answers you received and make notes about your session

  • You will have clarity around how your past life has influenced your present life and be able to easily release that influence in order to live your current life as the most authentic version of your soul self

What are people saying?

“I had a powerful experience, I felt it a lot in my body too. (In the past life) I got back in a dramatic experience. I really had a depressing existence but the fact to be able to see dynamics with other souls currently present in my life, it gave me back a lot of sense for many of my issues, especially about situations regarding my adolescence or youth. The Council was almost exactly the same from the last time. I had a very good insight and good advice based on a healthy good common sense. At the end I felt so much lightness in my whole being, I was in peace especially with myself. Thank you Thank you Thank you! The program fully responds to the expectations of the title: you lead the people into a real healing temple. ”

Giorgia N

“It was a very interesting journey, visually beautiful and largely peaceful; By the end of the journey I didn't feel that I had achieved my intention, though I was glad to see the story unfold. A few days later I pulled a tarot card from which I realized that there had been a large shift, a recognition of the unreality of failure.”

Denise M

What questions are there?

  • What is the focus of this course?

    YOU are the focus! This is a course in which you are the expert! You know yourself better than anyone else could. This course helps you remember who you are at soul level by giving you the opportunity to see yourself and your current life from the higher perspective of your soul self.

  • Is this a live course - do I have to show up at a specific time?

    No! This course has been specifically designed for those people who wish to access deeper healing options without the inconvenience of dealing with syncing schedules. You can take as long as you want to complete the course and experience the healing power of the recorded soul regression. Each purchase will be available on demand, 24 hours a day, from any where in the world with internet connectivity for one year.

  • Why are there so many hours of content?

    Every regression therapist spends at least 30 minutes pre-session describing the process and formulating an intention with the client. As well as time after a session for discussion and integration. The video portion of this course includes general information about soul regression therapy all the way through to specific information about the recorded regression sessions and the energetic patterns they cover. Your soul guide must approach these lessons as though the 'client' (you) knows nothing about the process, therefore there is a lot to discuss before you dive into your first on-demand experience. However, you will only need to watch the lessons once no matter how many regression session you choose to do.

  • Do I need to know how to "meditate" or understand any of this to benefit?

    No, you do not. No meditation experience is needed; however you do need to be able to sit or lie back semi-upright for the entire 1 hr 40 min session and be willing to stay open to the process. You do not have to understand how any of this works to benefit from the experience!

  • What does it mean that "energy healing" is included?

    Your soul guide, Stacy Mitchell, is certified in several energy healing modalities including four unique styles of Reiki - Usui, Karuna*, Holy Fire*, & World Peace; Pythagorean Healing; Egyptian Energy Healing**; and Soul Realignment***. She also uses sound, crystals, art, essences/herbs, and shamanic practices in her healing work. Many of these modalities were used in the creation of this course and the regression experiences. Each individual has free will choice and may accept or reject at any time any energetic healing offered.

  • What if I need more help?

    If you have questions or need further guidance with this or another course, have an issue with the course, or would like to schedule a live session, you can connect with your soul guide through the course page or the contact page of her website (link above). For any health concerns or ailments please seek the help and advice of a licensed professional.

  • Is this some kind of cult?

    No, absolutely not! The Temple of Healing Light exists within and through you, and helps connect you to Universal Source. You do not need to "believe" in any specific deity or dogma nor make any kind of spiritual/soul agreement in order to enter the Temple nor to participate in the Temple Fire community space. The title of "initiate" is simply to signify that you have completed the training offered as this qualifies you for other on-demand opportunities by Stacy Mitchell that incorporate soul regression and energy healing.

NOTICE OF DISCLAIMER: Soul Regression Therapy and energy healing practices, whether as online or in-person sessions, are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always check with a licensed medical or mental health professional for any of your health concerns. Your participation is governed by the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy of Honor Your Voice/Stacy Mitchell.

* Karuna and Holy Fire Reiki are registered service marks of William Lee Rand
**Egyptian Energy Healing and Pythagorean Healing are trademarks of Dr Shelley Kaehr
*** Soul Realignment is the registered trade mark of Andrrea Hess